Monday, March 15, 2010

Every Girls Dream

Today, I took Olivia in for her six month check-up. Over the past month, I have been obsessing over concerned about her weight. She is still nursing well, happy in between feeds, enough wet/dirty diapers, etc etc. But I could tell she was starting to slim down. So when we weighed her today, my thoughts were right. She has only gained one pound in two months. She's at the 10 percentile for weight. But...she is a whopping 27.5 inches long, which is at the 96 percentile for height! I guess she is going to be tall and thin...every girls dream! She sure didn't get that from me :) Dr. Lisa isn't concerned about her weight since Olivia still has fat rolls and doesn't like skinny by any means. I am thankful I won't have to start her on formula (which was my fear). I really want to nurse her for a year without giving her anything else. But if I have to, I will. I just don't have to right now! Once she gets a better hang of eating baby food, I think she'll chunk back up a little.

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