Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Official photos

In case you haven't noticed, every month, my mom has embroidered Olivia a shirt with her name on it and how old she is. Well, for Livie's six month pictures, she was wearing her little diva shirt because I didn't get her embroidered shirt until the day after I took her photos. So, here she is....Miss America Olivia and her official six month photos. Thanks mom for the adorable shirts. They are precious to me and I picture you in your sewing room making them for one of your precious grandbabies. Sorry I didn't get a better close up of her shirt...all the ones I took were blurry. Will try again next time she wears it which was yesterday so it may be a few days...I'll have to wash the babyfood off of it!


Georgette said...

She is beautiful. Her hair looks so red when she is next to Carter.

williams said...

Thanks for the new posts...I was starting to think you had forgotten about the suffering grandparents who live for new pictures. Love those babies!!!!

The Shoemakers said...

CUTE! I think her hair grown out instead of down like Leslie's did...So glad her mullet finally grew out lol..Love yall :*