Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Meetin' the Family

We had a great time visiting family in Louisiana. The kids did so great on both the flight down there and the flights back home. Several people commented on how good my kids are. I of course, smiled politely and said "Yes, they are most of the time!" Two ladies even told me what a good mother I was. And I wanted to say "Yes, most of the time!" I prayed for patience on this trip and God delivered.

I will be posting several pictures from our trip down south over the next several days. But here are pictures from our first day at Omaw and Papaw's house. Olivia got to meet Papaw, her Uncle Jackson, Aunt Kayla, and cousins Bradley and Leslie. Leslie was quite fascinated with Olivia....which is great because she will be having a baby brother or sister of her own this year!!


williams said...

Missing you already...thanks for the pictures!

The Shoemakers said...

We went to your moms today after school and Leslie thought she was going to get to see baby Livie. I guess she thought yall had moved back down here.. :(