Monday, December 20, 2010

As seen at our house

I love Christmastime! I do love celebrating the birth of Jesus. But I also love putting up Christmas decorations, wrapping presents, hanging our stockings, and all the stuff that goes along with Christmas.

This year has been a little bit chaotic but one of the first things I managed to do was put our tree up. It sat in the corner of our living room with lights and ribbon and without any ornaments for several days but I was at least happy I put it up. Normally, we make a big deal about it, drink hot chocolate and put some Christmas music on while we decorate the tree. But this year with everything that was going on, I just did it myself. I displayed my three manger scenes, put up my precious snow globes, hung our stockings in a very unusal place on account of my fear Olivia would pull them down and literally get her head cracked open on the very heavy stocking holders!

So, here is a snapshot (or two, or ten!) of my favorite Christmas decorations:

My new favorite Christmas ornament (purchased at Cracker Barrel!)

The stockings I've had since before Carter was born and I've yet to have them embroidered :)

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