Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve was a rough night in our house. Olivia was literally up every 30-60 minutes and finally at 2:30 in the morning, we put her in the bed with us (translation: neither Theo nor I got any sleep!) So when Carter was up before 7:00 and consequently, Livie too, we both were very reluctant to get out of bed.

But it was Christmas after all and I knew Carter was soooooo excited. He asked me several times if when Santa came could he come downstairs and give him a hug! What a sweet heart our little man has. He's also quite smart. The fireplaces here don't have a way to open the glass so he asked how was Santa going to get out of the chimney. I told him he'd use the back door :) What else was I to say? He also reminded me not to leave the fire on so Santa wouldn't get burned!

Santa brought Carter a Radio Flyer scooter and Diego helmet and knee pads.

 He brought Olivia a lion walker/rider toy which she has pushed all over this house!
 It made this momma's heart so happy to see our kids so excited. They really racked up. We didn't get Carter many toys and opted for books and movie/CDs instead. But between the grandparents, godparents, aunts/uncles, our kids really racked up! It was like Toys R Us in here.

My grandmother sent the kids beautiful quilts. Can you tell Carter really liked his hot air balloon quilt?
And I finally got my grandmother's famous banana bread recipe that mom had "framed" for me!
Mom also had my wedding gown preserved! When I got the box in the mail a few days ago and realized what it was, I just started bawlin'! It made me reflect back to that time in my life and how special that whole day was. Fast forward six and a half years and we have two, almost three, beautiful children and a wonderful life.

Dad sent us some Christmas money which will most likely be used to buy something so fun....like rugs! We always apprecite the gift of money, even if it's to purchase practical things :)

I got Theo a part for his car and some things from a Jamaican store here.
The rest of the day was spent trying to recuperate from our complete lack of sleep. Carter and Olivia played with their toys. That night, we cooked a feast! Theo made the best turkey and stuffing and I made the sides. It was delicious. By 9:00, I was in a food coma and ready for bed!

Christmas is even more of a special day for us because it was Christmas 2005 that we found out we would be parents! Nine months later, our firstborn son came into this world. I didn't put a positive pregnancy test in Theo's stocking again this year.....I think it's pretty obvious I'm pregnant :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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