Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Christmas pictures

I finally finished Olivia's Christmas jumper today! I made it several weeks ago but didn't have buttons for it. So this morning, before my ultrasound, I sewed the button holes and buttons. So now she'll wear it everyday until Christmas! Just kidding :)

Carter decided it was Halloween this morning and wanted to be Diego.....again for the fiftieth time in the past two months. Oh well.

 I love this one of them holding hands (before Olivia tried to eat Carter's fingers!)
These two (really three!) kids are one of the reasons I love Christmas so much. They are the greatest gifts I could imagine and I am thankful for a wonderful husband in with which to raise these precious kids!

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Carol said...

I love the jumper. you did a great job. The pictures are adorable! I sure miss all of you!