Thursday, June 2, 2011

Four months old!

(And blog post #500!!!)

I can't believe my baby man is a third of the way through his first year of life! He's changing so much all the time and is THE most laid back baby (most of the time!). I think God gave Theo and I a special grace with Isaiah knowing how much Carter and Olivia demand our attention. Isaiah wants to eat and sleep and he's happy otherwise.

At four months old Isaiah you:

-are rolling over from your tummy to back but daddy has yet to see you do this

-still nurse pretty frequently and still all night long. Sigh.

-now make sucking noises during your sleep when you are about to wake up and want to eat.

-even made sucking noises at church this past Sunday while we were in the nursing mom's room and a woman sat down right beside us and started nursing her baby. You were salivating! I couldn't stop laughing!!! You know what that nursing cover meant and you thought you should have some of that too :)

-have your four month check up on Monday so we'll see what a BIG boy you are then

-are such a happy baby and laugh and smile all the time. You love when Carter gets in your face and squeals "Only on DVD!". You crack up so much when he does this and I'm not sure why :)

-have such strong legs and stand up all the time, with us holding you of course.

-have recently discovered your feet and play with them all the time, often trying to suck on your toes which is not so easy in your cloth diapers since they're a little bulky!

-love being sung to

-so far have no stranger anxiety but do prefer when mommy or daddy are close by

-are so good anytime we go out anywhere

-are really laid back considering some of the abuse you take from your sister

-are the love and light of our lives. Your brother and sister adore you still and you make such a wonderful addition to our family! We love you little man more than you know!

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ruslinga said...

What a sweet post about a sweet boy! I'm glad that you're enjoying him, he sounds perfect! I believe anyone with 3 kids deserves at least one laid back angel, I'm sure it's hard work.