Thursday, June 9, 2011


Who knew my kids could spend hours playing in a water-filled one of these:
I'm not sure what the duct tape is about. I know the bin is cracked and Theo's tried to tape it up but these are random pieces stuck on there....who knows?

Anyway, my kids LOVE the water. Poor Livie, by the time I brought her back in, her feet and lips were blue. We have bought two inflatable pools in the past. The first one literally blew away the first storm we had shortly after we moved to Colorado. The second one has a hole in it because I told Theo to put in on the rocks. One series of jumps and the rocks poked a hole in it! So, we were left with a tupperware tub and water hose!

Livie had fun playing with her little watering cans.

Carter likes the water hose the most.

And enjoyed making it into a "rainbow"
Isaiah hung out with me in the sling and it was hard to get a good picture :) I'm trying to hold him more and put him in the swing less. He's such a happy baby that he really would just hang out in the swing all day if I let him. But he's growing so fast and I want to hold and cuddle him as much as I can!

I finally had to put Olivia in a disposable diaper because she always pulls her cloth ones off. I was afraid she might "fertilize" the yard if you know what I mean. And if this isn't THE cutest little backside I ever did see!

And stay tuned for I can take 20 pictures of a toy watering can!

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