Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyond the Grave

The title of this post may suggest this is a post about Halloween. It's about quite the opposite. As some of you know, I'm now going to a different church, Word of Life (a non-denominational church). This week they are putting on a drama called "Beyond the Grave". For any of you who have seen "Heavens Gates, Hells Flames", it is very similar to that. The first half of the drama is based on Columbine. The second half of the drama shows what happens to the teenagers who were killed after they die....going to heaven or hell. The play is very powerful and the take home message is if you die today, where will you spend eternity. For anyone who is reading this, you are someone I care about. I do not want to come across as condemning or judgmental because anyone who has met me knows how far from perfect I am. But I feel compelled to talk about my faith and relationship with Jesus. I don't want a single person reading this to not have the opportunity to know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him. I don't want a single person to spend eternity separated from God. So if you are unsure where you will spend your afterlife, please talk to me. I want to pray for you and I want to show you how you can have a relationship with Jesus. Again, please don't think I am spiritually superior or that I have all the right answers because that is definitely not the case. But after seeing this drama last night, I feel responsible to tell every single person that is a part of my life about God and what He has done for me and more importantly, what He can do for you.

"All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13

Be Blessed,