Friday, October 17, 2008


I hope Theo doesn't mind me sharing this....most nights we put Carter to bed around 8:00. He normally does really well falling asleep in his own bed. Last night though, the planes were flying late and they woke Carter up. I am usually adamant about not getting him out of the bed once he's asleep. But Theo said "Can we just let him lay out on the couch with us for a little while?" Even though I didn't think it was a good idea at the time, I said "Whatever you think is best." So we got him out of bed, turned all of the living room lights and the tv off and laid him on the couch. After a few minutes, Theo went over and sat on the couch with Carter. Even though it was dark, I could see Theo just looking at Carter and stroking his curly hair and it was as if I could visibly see the love that he was pouring out over Carter. Tears just streamed down my face and I prayed a silent prayer to God thanking him for what an amazing man I married and what an incredible father he is. I have always secretly wondered if fathers love their children as much as mothers do. Last night, I knew the answer to that was yes. I also thank God for Theo's parents because I know the man that Theo is today is largely because of them. (Picture: Carter was only a few days old)

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Templin Family said...

I'm so proud of you for keeping up with your posts! I'm also in tears. Keep the updates coming.