Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beach Boys (Part Two)

Theo was working Monday through Friday while we were away and even had to go in on Saturday and Sunday (30th and 31st) which was my birthday. I was feeling a little sorry for myself but then we made it to the Destin beach, which is absolutely beautiful. We went later that night and had dinner with our friends who were also down there at the same time. Saturday was a stressful day with Carter because he just could not get happy but by the time we went to dinner, he was back to his normal funny self.

Sunday we drove to Pensacola and went to the mass at the church Theo used to go to when he lived down there. Think Catholic church meets full gospel church! It is the best Catholic church I have ever been to as far as the music.

Afterwards, we drove around Theo's old stompin ground and then visited the Pensacola Naval Air Museum. After our last military museuem visit in New York, we were a little worried how we would do. But surprisingly, or maybe not, Carter loved it! We were there for almost three hours and Carter (the boy who was hysterical at the air show) loved sitting in the planes. Sunday was a GREAT day!

Monday, Carter and I packed our stuff and headed to Baton Rouge to stay with my dad. My dad has aN inground pool in his backyard with beautiful landscaping. Carter was looking forward to swimming in it all day. It was so relaxing to sit out there with him and just talk. It's bittersweet as are most things these days because I know this will probably be the last time we visit my dad for a while. It's such a short drive now but won't be once we are in Colorado.

Now we are home sweet home and waiting for Theo to return in a few days. This month is going to be crazy busy. We might go out to my mom's tomorrow if the weather is good. I have a baby shower Saturday and my nephew's 8th birthday party! Gosh, I can't believe he's already 8! I will be updating you all regarding our moving and how things are progressing and things start to come together. Of course, I'll keep posting adorable pictures of Carter in the meantime. Until then, have a great week!

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carol said...

Great pictures...the one at the top of the post is professional quality! Carter's Omaw needs a copy of that one.