Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garage Sale

Yesterday, Theo and I had our first garage sale. Let me tell you, it was a LOT of work! We made a little money but unfortunately we didn't sell our furniture. Getting rid of three couches, an entertainment center, coffee table, and sofa table was kind of the point in having the garage sale to being with. Oh well. I'm going to put an ad in the paper and if we still don't sell it before we move, we'll probably just give it away to a local organization.

I was up at the crack of dawn....well actually before that....getting all the stuff organized and making sure everything was priced. Theo had to drag all of the furniture out of the garage and eventually dragged it back in once the garage sale was over. He was such a big help and I couldn't have done it without him. It was so HOT yesterday! I called it quits around noon because the baby and I couldn't take it anymore. Carter did well during the sale. He actually slept until 8:30! God must have known we needed to be outside without worrying about him running into the street!

We sold most of our small stuff which is nice because now we don't have to box it all up and send it to goodwill. I do still have quite a few books left which I will take to the library. We didn't sell any clothes but didn't really have a lot to sell to begin with so I'll drop those off at a local charity this week. Other than our furniture, we pretty much got rid of everything else! Yea!

I don't know if you can tell...I have a 25 cent sticker on my forehead. Theo thought it would make a funny picture and assures me I'm worth way more than that!

Our packers come in a little over two weeks and we'll be heading out in three weeks! I can't believe it's almost here. Time to kick into high gear. I'm finally starting to get over the sad part of moving and am excited about our new adventure. I LOVE Colorado and have always wanted to live there. Now that the garage sale is over, I feel less stressed. I have a friend of mine who I used to work with coming over today to give us a bid on interior painting. We signed and sent the lease on our Colorado house this week. Now we just have to get our house on the market to lease and we'll be set! Please continue to pray for us during this stressful yet amazing time in our lives.


The Shoemakers said...

That's not your new couch is it? Our sectional is way too big for our living room. I would like some smaller furniture. The ones in the pic look really big. I can't tell about the one in the back. I would love to get a couch and a recliner so we could get a side table. We have no room for a coffee table in our living room now. Let me know...

Jaime said...

No, the single couch is the one I had before Theo and I got married. It's not too big. It's in pretty good shape. We are selling it for $75