Friday, January 15, 2010

Am I the only one?

-who is completely sleep deprived?
-who has yelled at their kids this week? (at Carter, not Olivia!)
-who thinks that if toys were landmines, we'd all be dead?
-who is wishing you were back at work?
-who is tired of cleaning up messes, both in and out of the kitchen?
-who is tired of wiping pee off the bathroom floor?
-who wishes desperately for a solid night of sleep?
-who wishes she could sleep in the bed with her husband instead of him sleeping in the guestroom because a queen size bed is too small for two adults and two kids?
-who ate an entire chocolate cake in three days?
-who has spanked their toddler more than once this week?
-who has really let her ugly side come out this week?
-who has gotten frustrated with her husband?
-who is tired of grocery shopping thus didn't do it for two weeks until your husband begged for food?
-who really needs to dust the furniture?
-who has dirty laundry overflowing in her bathroom and too tired to drag it all downstairs?
-who leaves her bed unmade because it's just easier to crawl into an unmade bed at night?
-who wished she could live in tank tops and yoga pants everyday instead of actually getting dressed in real clothes?
-who is blogging instead of doing housework?

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for my family and motherhood is never something I have had doubts about. And in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, I feel like I shouldn't be even posting this. But since this is my blog, and my best outlet at this point, then I will share my feelings with whoever choses to read this. It has been one of those kind of weeks. Last week was so great! Carter and Olivia were so good. I didn't put Carter in timeout or spank him even once. And then this week came and he was a different child. I am tired. I am worn out. Not everything about this week has been bad. We had a great time at the zoo, we've had a very productive week. But I told Theo, if it's us against them (parents against kids) then our kids won this round for sure. I keep telling myself that it's only temporary. They will be grown before I can even blink my eyes. I am trying to cherish these moments, but it's hard to think fondly of digging handfuls of toilet paper out of the toilet because Carter decided he needed a half of a whole roll! I know it's just a phase. And each phase of our children't lives will bring new challenges. I'm trying to enjoy this phase while I can.

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I could agree with 10 of those for