Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Four months old!

One more month down, a million more to go hopefully! Well, I'm not sure if it's a million more months per se....I'm not sure how old she would be in a million months but you get my drift. I just didn't want to start the post by saying "Man, the time has flown" :)

At four months, you:

-weigh 12 lbs and 11 ounces and are 25 inches long!

-have really discovered your voice. You squeal loudly, and coo all the time.

-have the most infectious smile. Anytime someone smiles at you, you smile back. Anytime you smile at someone first, they smile back at you!

-love your big brother. He makes you laugh and you stare at him intently when he talks to you.

-are a daddy's girl for sure but also love your mommy time

-nurse about every 3-4 hours during the day and 4 sometimes 5 hours at night. You were at two months going seven hours at night but not so much anymore :( You go through phases where it is hard for you at night to be in your crib and ultimately end up in your bed. But over the past several nights, I take you into your room where it is dimly lit, we listen to classical music while I nurse you and then you go easily into your crib. Sometimes an hour later, you are awake and crying and I think you just want to be held. So I ablige you :) I'm your mommy after all!

-have basically outgrown size one diapers which you rarely wear anyway. You're still in cloth almost all the time and have had less skin irritation since I put Burt's Bees powder on your cute little bum.

-have let mommy and daddy go out on two dates so far while grandma and Omaw have kept you. I haven't gotten brave enough to leave you with a real babysitter. You even tagged along with us to daddy's work Christmas party. All the ladies just oooohhhed and aaawwwwed over you the whole time!

-have the chunkiest little legs and rolls for days! And you have more than one chin but I am so thankful you are healthy and glad to know mommy's milk is doing you well :)

-have discovered your hands over the past couple of weeks and you are a BIG thumbsucker. You will sometimes pull your pacifier out of your mouth to stick your fingers (and sometimes entire fist) into your mouth.

-wear 3-6 month clothes but are already almost too big for some of the pajamas

-have pretty good head control and almost look like you want to roll over but haven't quite yet.

-made your first trip to the zoo today and were such a good girl!

-are the joy of our lives and have given us some of the best four months of our lives!! We love you more and more everyday!


williams said...

What a darling!!!!

Laney said...

That sweet girl has some beautiful blue eyes!