Sunday, July 18, 2010

The case of the missing sprinkles

I can only laugh as I tell this story....a couple of weekends ago, Carter and I were going to make cupcakes. The recipe called for something I didn't have (actually I did have it, but couldn't find it at the time! Surprise, surprise!) So I put the frosting, cupcake liners and sprinkles on the counter.

Well, the following Saturday, with my missing stick of butter in hand, we got ready to make the cupcakes. Then I realized all of the stuff I had placed on the counter was missing. Seriously, I literally spent over half and hour looking for those things. I basically took everything out of the pantry trying to find the stuff. I even called Theo at work to see if he knew where they were but no such luck. So we made a plain cake (since I didn't have any liners) and we made a special trip to Target just to get more frosting.

A couple of days later, I was cleaning out the car. As I got Carter's Diego backpack out, I noticed something bulging from the outside pocket. Lo and behold, it the missing frosting! I was relieved to know I hadn't lost my mind but still puzzled about where the sprinkles and cupcake liners were.

Today, I am doing laundry. Under the massive pile of kids clothes was another one of Carter's bags.

My first thought was "Oh no, please don't let there be food in here". When I opened up the bag, this is what I found:

Guilty as charged!

Theo was right next to me and we both just busted out laughing! At least I haven't toatlly lost my mind :)

And because I haven't posted many pictures lately, here are some for the grandparents (and our friends!).

Olivia also has another tooth (her top right side tooth) and I keep expecting more to pop through. If you click on the second picture to enlarge it, you can see her little tooth just barely poking through :)

Also, I have been doing a lot of shopping lately (much to the dismay of Theo!). He said I am acting like I have this itch I just have to scratch. But then I realized it's because I haven't had a chance to buy cute summer clothes in four years. Last summer, I was big pregnant with Olivia. The summer before that I was working. The summer before that I had just started working so I bought work clothes. The summer before that I was big pregnant with Carter. Now, I want some cute clothes! But I am nothing if not a savvy, bargain shopper. I scrounged up a lot of old gift cards and had over $100 to spend. That doesn't include the gift card Theo gave me for my birthday. I bought this dress from Ann Taylor Loft.

It was originally $70 and I paid $20 for it! I wore it to church today. Theo really likes it. If I get him to take a picture in my other clothes, I will show you those too (not like you really care but I like to brag about my good bargains!)


Aunt Laney said...

That Carter!!! What a character!!
I love the picture of you in your new LBD (little back dress). You look gorgeous!

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Your stories of Carter's escapades crack me up. He is so hilarious!