Monday, July 12, 2010

Ten months old!

Olivia is getting so big (thanks to her formula!). I can't believe in only two more months she will be a year old. Watch out world!! These past ten months have flown by! Where is my little newborn? She's a big, funny, girl now. But I wouldn't have it any other way. At ten months Olivia is:

-finally sleeping through the night!! Woohoooo! Now if only I could stay asleep all night. Sigh.

-doesn't really get baby food anymore and will eat almost anything we give her.

-takes between 4-5 bottles a day of 5-6 ounces. Carter at this age was eating 8 oz bottles four times a day and never wasted a drop of formula. Not so much with Olivia. We end up throwing quite a bit away it seems.

-has gained 20 ounces in one month! That is more than she gained the past three months I'm pretty sure :)

-is still not crawling (fine by me!) but can scoot backwards some. She can spin in a full circle but no forward movement yet. Can stand up while holding my fingers but is pretty lazy about it at times and usually her knees buckle and she's happy sitting back down.

-is working on saying "bye bye" and does a funny semi-wave.

-still thinks her brother is the funniest thing ever! These two together absolutely crack me up. There is a never a dull moment in our house.

-finally graduated to the big bath tub in her own little seat. Carter had a blast taking a bath with her last night. I'll have to keep a very close eye on both of them though.

-is finally getting over her separation anxiety and I can leave her at church and at the Y without her crying! Praise the Lord!

-has been making the funniest faces lately. Her cutest one is where she wrinkles up her nose like something stinks and then furrows her eye brows like she's mad. And then she'll crack up laughing. I laugh every single time she does it!

-survived her first long car trip to the south. She did pretty well all things considered but I don't think we'll be making that drive again anytime soon.

-is perfectly happy playing with Carter's hand-me-down toys. So thankful I don't to go out and buy some right now! :)

-is still the most precious girl a mother could ever have (sorry, I know I'm biased!). Her daddy is so totally head over heels in love with her and I dread the day when she starts dating. Glad that is a long time from now. We love her more and more every single day! Thank you Lord for this amazing blessing!

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Carol said...

What a sweet "chunky" 10 month old!