Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our trip to the zoo

Friday after Theo's work picnic, the kids and I headed to the zoo while Theo stayed behind and played some serious volleyball with his co-workers. I wish I could have seen that. And here I was thinking I was the volleyball least back in the day. But I digress.....

We are really trying to take advantage of our zoo pass. I'm telling you what, after pushing 50 pounds of children plus about 20 pounds of big mama jogging stroller, I was beat! My calves still hurt awfully bad and I can hardly walk down the stairs. I'm tempted to scoot down the stairs on my bottom like Carter used to be but decided a carpet-burned bum is worse than sore muscles :)

My favorite part of the zoo is the giraffe exhibit. I love how you can get so close to them.

My favorite giraffe is this one because it's spots are different.

When we first walked up, all of the giraffes were just motionless like statues. It was kinda weird but then they started all walking around.

Some of the other zoo animals:

The tiger is my second favorite!

I think Carter's favorite part of the zoo is the playground. We often rush by the animals just to get to the slide. Oh well, maybe when he's a little older he'll have more of an appreciation for animals.

They also had face painting this time. We saw kids walking around with all kinds of creatures painted on their faces. Carter insisted he get his face painted too. He wanted something red (of course he'd want RED paint of all colors!! But I couldn't disappoint him so I gave in). What was supposed to be spider man turned out looking more like a spawn of satan. I think it freaked Carter out when he saw his face in the mirror and immediately asked to have the paint wiped off! He had the saddest look on his face after he saw the paint on his skin. He still has one eyebrow stained red!

I'm not sure what Olivia is doing in the picture....looks like she's praising Jesus :)


Carol said...

What did Livie think about Cater's face paint? Obviously he didn't like it. :(

The Shoemakers said...

Yeah I can see him falling asleep in the car and having red paint all over his seat and in his Looks like fun though.