Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nine months

Isaiah technically turned nine months old about three weeks ago but I just took him for his nine month check-up yesterday.  Here are his vital statistics:

Weight: 17 pounds 14 ounces
Length: 29 inches

He is right on target for his growth. He's still hovering around the 10 percentile for weight but he looks healthy and is gaining good weight. I stopped nursing him at eight months and haven't regreted that for a second! On his actual nine month birthday, he was not crawling. That all changed this past weekend and now he is ALL over the place.
Precious little man, at nine months old you:

-are growing so big and strong! I can't believe in just a couple of more months, you'll be turning a year old!

-are such a happy, laid back baby. You are incredibly easy to take ANY place and I'm so thankful for that. You are so calm compared to your older siblings.

-are on soy formula and seem to be tolerating that a little better than cow's milk formula. I know you don't have a milk allergy but your little tummy likes the soy better.

-are finally getting some table foods (eggs, banana, puffs, cereal bars) and you love everything you tried except mommy's squash soup!
-mostly eat baby food but are not liking your veggies as much as you used to.
-still only have two teeth which I am so shocked about. I can't believe no more teeth have come in but I keep expecting more any day now.

-wear a size 3 diaper, size 2 shoe (but hardly ever wear shoes), 9-12 month clothes.

-love bath time. You splash yourself all the time and look a little shocked, and then you just laugh!

-are putting everything in your mouth. I have to sweep 27 times a day to keep all the little food and dirt particles out of your mouth.

-still love your exersaucer and jumper. You are going to have strong leg muscles.

-are attempting to pull yourself up onto things but only get to your knees and then aren't sure what to do after that.

-are still not really sleeping through the night. You did last night but you also got your flu shot yesterday so I'm certain it was just a fluke. Tonight will tell! You wake up about once around 2:00-3:00, take a bottle, and then fall right back asleep.

-take two naps during the day, one little catnap in the morning on the way home from the gym and then a good long afternoon nap. You still love your Aunt Vickie knitted blanket and never sleep without it.

-keep your big brother "up all night" :) Oh, the joys of sharing a room.....

-are the joy of our lives. We are smitten with you and have such a special place in our hearts for you because you will always be our baby. We love you more and more each day Isaiah! Thank you for blessing us with your sweet little self! It's hard to believe nine months ago, we were bringing you home from the hospital! My, how you've changed :)

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