Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our second annual Halloween Party

Saturday night, we hosted our second annual Halloween party. It was a lot of fun. We had a great turn out and had a blast.  There are a lot of pictures in this post so be prepared :)

This was the appetizer table. We had a veggie tray, cracker and cheese tray, crab dip, candy corn, candy pumpkins. I loved making the peep tabletop decoration. It was an idea I got from pinterest. Love that site!!
This was the dessert...pumpkin turtle cheesecake. I made the cheesecake, mom made it look pretty!
This was the kids' kool-aid in my pitcher with a vinly jack-o-lantern face. How cute and simple is this?
The adults' drink.....sangria. My first time making it. I don't really like red wine so I doubt I'll make this again. It sure was pretty though.
The main food...we made two kinds of chili: Theo's spicy chili and a kid friendly chili. Jeff brought a gorgeous chicken salad. We had rice, corn casserole, chicken wings, and Kevin and Mary brought a seven layer dip that was delicious!
One of the party hostesses with my little tiger :)
The party attenders (Jeff, Mike, Adam, Kevin, Shane, and my honey)
The ladies: me, Amanda, Kelly, Sascha, Mary, and my mom
Carter with his BFF Caden (who left before the group kids photo)
A couple of late comers...Ben and Tim *aka* The Swamp People!
Some of the other ladies: Ashely, Kelly, and Lauren
The kids: Olivia, Carter, Guy, Aspen, Maddy, and Kylie
Host and Hostess: Happy Halloween!!!

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