Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I realized this past week that I never posted pictures of Olivia's rocking chair. This chair is so special. It was my mom's when she was little. Mom made new cushions for it to match Olivia's room. Olivia and Carter were fighting over who gets to sit in it while we were in Louisiana. In fact, they still fight over it occasionally.  It was imperative that we were able to fit it in our truck while we were down south. Even if it meant leaving one of our kids behind so we could have room for it. Okay, not really!

But now everytime I look at it, I think of my mom as a little girl. I wonder if she wreaked as much havoc as my precious girl does. I imagine my grandma looking at mom sitting in her little chair. I imagine their eyes locking in on each other as my grandma smiles watching her baby girl. I can almost feel how proud my grandma was of my mom. I know this because I'm so proud of my baby girl too. We are leaving a legacy of mom's raising pink rocking chair at a time.  

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ruslinga said...

That is so sweet! Love, love, love family heirlooms. Enjoy!