Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I have been following MckMama's blog for a few weeks now. Every Monday, she blogs (for therapeutic reasons of course) about all of the things she most certainly *not* do the past week. Check out her blog for other versions of Not Me Monday (at! I am in much need of therapeutic blogging at the moment and here's why...

Just today, I most certainly did not put on a 4 episode Diego DVD in order to have 20 minutes of alone time to take a bath.

And when I emerged from the tub, I definitely did not have Carter enter the bathoom sans his pajama pants, carrying in his hand a poopy diaper and saying "It's dirty". This was not the second time in a little over 24 hours that he had done this.

When I came back into the room living, I did not see a pile of poop on the floor that Carter had apparently emptied out of his diaper. Then I did not laugh out loud to keep myself from crying.

As if this wasn't enough, I certainly did not get a call from the Toyota place saying it would cost $500 to fix the driver's seat because the motor went out this weekend and we can't adjust the seat and it's in permanent long-legged Theo position. This money was not in addition to the other $200 we are going to have to pay for some other car part.

Lastly, I did not finally sit on the couch and cry for a few seconds because I could no longer hold it in.

But God is good. He is our provider and I'm thankful for money in the bank that we can use to pay for these car repairs. I am thankful that Carter is feeling much better and is back to his normal self again (although I didn't realize the new normal would be him pooping all over the living room). In the grand scheme of things, are lives are really good thanks to God. So although I may need some therapeutic blogging today, all in all, things are good.

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