Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home....Almost

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in New York visiting Theo's parents. I had to come home Saturday because of work so Theo and Carter are still in New York. Theo wanted Carter to have some quality time with his other grandparents that he doesn't get to see that often. I thought this would be all fine and good....until I had to leave Carter at the airport. I can't even describe how sad I felt turning my back on my screaming son (saying "MOMMY, HOLD YOU!!") and walking into the airport. I know it is only going to be a few days that I won't see Carter and Theo but it hurt my heart so much. By the time I landed in Dallas, Carter of course was fine and no longer screaming. But as soon as he got on the phone with me, he said "Mommy, hold you". Seems this is his favorite phrase lately.

So although I am always happy to be back at home, it is very strange being home without my two favorite boys (Theo insists however that he is not a boy, but a man!) I am taking advantage of my alone time and doing things I can't normally do easily with a toddler around. I am definitely looking forward to seeing those guys again. I'll post more NY pictures soon! This one is Central Park at night. Absolutely stunning!


Darlene said...

It doesn't get any easier either! I still miss my babies and they are 28 and 32!

Templin Family said...

I'm soooo jealous you went to New York. I know you miss your boys, but enjoy your time alone if you can because it is sooooo RARE! I miss you!