Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Hi everyone,

It's that time of the week again! Click on over to MckMama's blog for some more Not Me Monday therapy....

Today, I did not realize I hadn't posted anything on our blog since last weeks Not Me! Monday.

This week, I most certainly did not leave Carter at home with Theo for 4 hours on Sunday while I went to church alone and then Christmas shopping afterwards. This was not after I had already taken off from work 2 hours early to go Christmas shopping. And I definitely do not still have more Christmas presents to get (only 2 left though!)

Saturday, I did not go from wearing a short sleeved shirt with no coat on Saturday morning to bundling up in my sweater and winter coat Saturday night because the temperature here dropped from literally 75 degrees that morning to 30 degrees that night.

Carter did not use the wall next to his high chair as a napkin to wipe his ketchup on because I wasn't quick enough in getting him a paper towel......for the third time!

I am definitely not looking forward to having the rest of the week off and am not counting down the days until I go from full time pediatric nurse practitioner to full time stay-at-home mom!

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Templin Family said...

Who would've guessed... a wall for a napkin!!!