Monday, April 12, 2010

7 months old!

Olivia is seven months old today! She celebrated the day by hanging out by the pool while Carter had swimming lessons, having a luxurious lunch of more sweet potatoes, and finally napping in her crib. Last week she was pretty crabby, I assume because of teething. But the past several days, she's been (mostly) back to her happy ol' self.

At seven months she:

-is still only gaining about 1/2 pound a month but that's okay

-is still waking up once a night (sometimes more) to nurse

-nurses 5 times during the day

-takes 2 good naps

-sleeps about 12 hours a night

-loves fruit more than veggies

-thinks her brother is the funniest thing on the planet

-saw her first waterfall

-still is chewing on everything she can fit in her mouth and even some things that can't

-is already almost too long for some of her 6-9 month clothes

-had a great first Easter

-can roll over both ways but doesn't do it that often

-is working on sitting independently. She can do it but I can't leave her side or she'll topple over!

-has a bottom tooth that has finally broken through her gum (discovered today!) but it's not all the way in. The left bottom tooth is not far behind it

-is generally still a happy baby but is already experiencing some separation anxiety. She doesn't want to be out of mommy and daddy's sight.

-still brings us so much joy that we can't even put it into words

Happy seven month birthday baby girl! We love you more and more every single day.


The Shoemakers said...

OMG I just wanna kiss her all over!!

ruslinga said...

Claire and Olivia are one in the same with wanting to put everything in their mouth. Claire even tries to put my face in her mouth. Olivia is such a beauty and I love that you can get her to smile on camera!

Carol said...

What a precious baby...tell her that her official 7 month onsie is in the mail! Love you so much...Omaw ;)