Sunday, April 11, 2010

Seven Falls {part one}

Yesterday we had a fabulous day having family time. We decided to head to Seven Falls. It's a good thing we did because they are closing on Monday until June! I took so many amazing pictures that I'm not going to put them all in one post. We have been to Garden of the Gods, the AF Academy chapel, and other beautiful places here but this place was spectacular. We climbed over 400 steps to reach our destination. Unfortunately, the hiking trails at the top of the falls were closed because of snow and ice but we still had an incredible view. Carter did amazing considering how many stairs he climbed. Olivia was as happy as could be with daddy holding her. The weather was absolutely perfect...not too hot, not too cold. They also light up the trails at night during the summer. So that is on my get a babysitter and do for date night list!

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Carol said...

I love that close-up of Carter. It may the best one of him since the Hawaiian shirt one!!!! I love that boy!