Saturday, September 25, 2010

The birthday present that is changing our lives

Theo and I have struggled off and on over the past year with finding discipline techniques that work with Carter. We know he responds best to postivie reinforcement and loves to be the "big helper".

I had been looking for a while for a chore chart but couldn't find the one I had in my mind. And then I stumbled upon this:

I was talking to my mom one night and told her about it and she said "Consider it done". I was thrilled that Carter got it for his birthday. We started using it a couple of days after his party and it has been a wonderful gift!

Carter loves picking out his rewards and loves putting his stars on the chart when he does the right thing. Now the first week, he switched out all of his responsibilities and put pictures of the rewards on there! It was funny! But since then, he's been good about not changing anything around.

Also, every week we make the responsibilities different.

Some weeks he has to make his bed. Other times he has to "set" the table which really means he has to put all of his dishes in the sink. He is a lot more motivated to do the right thing knowing there is a reward for him at the end of the week.

His behavior for the most part is really improving. He hardly gets time-outs anymore and has only had one spanking in the past couple of months and that was for excessive (and I mean excessive!) backtalking! Other than that, he is minding his Ps and Qs :)

If you want one for your child, you can check it out here

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