Sunday, September 19, 2010

On my mind

Olivia has been the main attraction in my thoughts these days. But other than that, I just had some random things on my mind that I felt like writing about. None of it will probably make sense to you all but oh well!

I did want to show you what Carter has been up to. What do you think he's doing here?

This past Monday, I watched the movie The Proposal. It came highly recommended by Meredith. I had it tivoed for a while and since Theo can't stand Sandra Bullock, I figured this week would be a good time to watch it. And yes, who doesn't like Sandra Bullock? But I digress. If any of you have seen it, then you'll know which scene in the movie I think these pictures reminded me of. If you're not sure, it's the scene with Sandra and Betty White out in the woods. Now are ya with me?

We've had a busy and fun week. Well, it wasn't all good. Monday and Tuesday I had a stomach virus so I basically laid on the couch for two days. I think I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Ugh! But once I rejoined the world of the living, we had a lot of fun. We went to Focus on the Family, swimming at the Y, the park a few times, McDonald's, shopping, hanging out with our neighbors, church, and the zoo. Whew, I'm beat!

And speaking of McDonald's, one random thing I wanted to blog all know I am very PRO breastfeeding. I had/have no issue with nursing in public. But me personally, I was always covered up (in my stylish nursing cover I might add!). Well, there was this mom's group meeting at McDonald's in the playplace. And I truly don't mean to be ugly or judgmental but almost all of them were very obese. I'm not talking a little chubby. I'm talking seriously obese. And one of them, who unfortunately was in my direct line of sight, was probably about 250 pounds. She had a toddler and in the course of about 15 minutes, let him crawl up in her lap, that kid yanked his mom's gigantic boob out of her shirt, and went to town. Nipple exposed and everything! I really lost my appetite. This older pentecostal couple was sitting behind me and I heard the man say "OH MY GOSH! She just whipped that thing out!" to which his wife responded "That is awful!" And yes, I tried to take a picture of her so I could show Theo! I guess I'm as awful as she was :) There are just some things you don't want to see while you are trying to enjoy some delicious McDonald's french fries. Now, I feel better for getting that off my chest!

We finally went grocery shopping yesterday. We were totally out of food. I had to resort to eating Nestle's chocolate chips out of the bag for a snack. Yes, I really did that. Now our pantry is furnished again just in time for daddy to come back home. I really dread going grocery shopping. Does anyone else feel that way?

I am hardcore LSU football this year. I even watched the second half of the game last night after Carter went to sleep. And Theo wasn't even here! How many wives watch football on a Saturday night while their husbands are out of town? Speaking of tv, I'm so excited most of my favorite shows are starting soon! On the line-up for this year are: House, Criminal Minds, Law and Order: SVU. I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy in three years but did watch part of the season finale last year so I might have to watch the first episode just to see what happens. What are you watching this year?

Carter is now in a big boy booster seat. Disadvantage #1: He can't buckle himself in anymore. Disadvantage #2: He has no problem UNbuckling himself. He often tells me that he's about to unbuckle his seatbelt as we're driving down the street. Today he told me that and I told him if we got in an accident, he'd be very hurt and would have to stay at the hospital for a really long time. His response was "Momma, will my eyelashes fall out?" Huh? I'm telling you that you would be seriously injured and you are concerned only about your eyelashes? The mind of a four year old...

I had some other random things I felt like sharing, but preggo brain has kicked in and now I can't remember them! Hope you all had a good weekend. Tomorrow, I get to see my baby girl and my sweet husband!


Laney said...

I can't stop laughing!!! Carter comes up with some hilarious stuff. I know that if I had to go stay in the hospital for a long time, my first concern would be my eyelashes falling out! He is just too cute!

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Hey Jaime! Let me start by saying that I love reading your blog. Your Carter stories always make me laugh. He's quite a character! I'd like to think I'm for public breastfeeding, but I don't know. . . it's still a boob even when you are nursing. If a woman is discreet about it, great, but if not, gross! I used to love going grocery shopping, but with Sara Beth it's no longer fun. It's quite an ordeal now, and I always forget to buy something. I have to restock tomorrow, so wish me luck! Oh, and by the way, I've eaten chocolate chips right out of the package lots of times. As far as TV, I'm not excited about too much this year. LOST is over! Boohoohoo! What's worth watching? I'm sure I'll just keep Food Network on as usual.

Carol said...

Is that why the fire department send the emts to the scene of a check on everyone's eyelashes?