Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear Olivia

Today, my sweet girl, you are one year old. I will never forget the day you were born. It had been a long and emotional week waiting for you to come. But all of that waiting, all of that laboring was so worth it when I held you in my arms for the first time. Even though I knew we were having a girl, I was just overwhelmed with emotion knowing I finally had the daugther I had always dreamed of.

I couldn't hardly stand to put you down or let anyone else hold you (except daddy). You nursed right off the bat and we spent barely over 24 hours in the hospital. We couldn't wait to take you home. When we got home, Carter screamed "Olivia's here!" over and over. We were so thrilled to start our lives as a family of four.

You were such a good baby. You had your moments of fussiness. And there were certainly days when I felt that all I did was hold you. But you were truly a good baby. You were easy going and were good at going with the flow. It took you a long time to sleep through the night but now that you have, you are such a good sleeper. You almost always wake up in a good mood. You go down at night and for naps 99% of the time without so much as a peep.

Even though you don't weigh very much, you LOVE to eat! You don't drink that much formula but will eat almost anything we put in front of you. This pleases your mommy and daddy to no end. I'm hoping you will always be a good eater.

You are quite the center of attention wherever we go. I don't know of a time when someone didn't stop to tell me how much they loved your hair or how beautiful hair. I'm hoping as you grow older that you will handle your beauty with grace and know you are created in God's image.

You love attention and being played with. But you are also content sitting in the playroom by yourself doing your own thing. You get along well with your big brother. You are most definitely a daddy's girl. Everytime he walks in the room, you get excited and yell "dadadada"! It melts daddy's heart. And he is totally wrapped around your finger. Use that to your advantage as you get older!

On your first birthday, you are on an airplane with daddy to go see grandma and Pop Pops. I was proud of myself not crying at the airport or on the way home. But now as I write you this letter, I can't stop the tears from streaming down my face. You, Carter and daddy are my whole life. I miss you so much already!

I couldn't love you any more even if I tried. My heart is so full. You have made me the happiest momma in the world and you are daddy's pride and joy. I have so enjoyed being home with you everyday watching you grow and change so much. I can't get enough of you. I hug and kiss you all the time because I just want to soak you in. I know these days of infancy are so short and I want to savor every moment. You are such a joy. I love you more than the whole world. I am so proud you are my daughter and so grateful God chose me to be your mom. My life is so much better because you are in it.

Happy first birthday my precious baby girl! I love you more than anything!


The Shoemakers said...

Happy birthday Livie wish we could be there with you! Hope to see you soon. Love u!

Carol said...

Happy birthday little one!