Friday, January 7, 2011

Makin' my southern momma (and daddy and grandmas) proud

I love being Southern. I never realized just how proud of this I was until I moved to Colorado. I love Colorado, don't get me wrong, but I will always be a Souther Gal at heart.

Apparently, it's a Southern thing to make black eyed peas and greens on New Year's Day. I say this because Theo had never heard of this. So I did want any Southerner would do....I went onto foodnetwork and found some recipes! I have never made greens before. I hated them as a kid and apparently I still hate them! But I wanted to be traditional. I've also tried to make black eyed peas before but they were terrible. It's hard to give it good flavor with a non-pork eating husband. But Emeril had a great recipe on foodnetwork and I substituted turkey bacon for ham. They turned out very tasty! The greens had good flavor too (a little too salty because I didn't actually measure out the salt, oops!) but I just don't like the taste of greens. I also made some sweet tea to top it all off.

I don't remember that much about being a young kid, but I do remember going to my Grandma Champ's house (my dad's mom) for lunch on Sundays. She was a spectacular cook! She made the best mashed potatoes in the whole world and still to this day, I've never had better. She always had a table full of food and I never left hungry. Southerners (in my opinion) are just outstanding cooks. Not all of them, but as a general rule, they are. I'm proud to be one too!

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