Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Recap

After the horrendous weather on Thursday night, we still had quite a bit of snow on the ground Friday. It was sunny but bitter cold. I think the high was 8 degrees! Theo was so sweet. He took Carter to play out in the snow for a while before heading to work a 12 hour night shift. Olivia and I eventually joined them....for all of about 5 minutes. This was her first real time in the snow. She did better than I was expecting. But it was so cold, we called it a day and headed back inside!
The headless snow angel :)

I was asleep New Year's Eve by 9:45 but apparently Olivia wanted to celebrate because she was up at 2:30 a.m. :)

Saturday Theo slept most of the day and I tried really hard to keep the kids quiet. Saturday night I cooked a New Year's Day meal (black eyed peas and greens) along with chicken and stuffing. I'll blog about that later. I was quite proud of myself!

On a different note, I always make a New Year's resolution. I always fail to keep it (except for the year I promised to read the Bible the whole way through and I did!). This year, I felt God putting on my heart to step up my prayer life. I feel strongly that I need to pray fiercely for my children, as if their lives depended on it....because in a way, they do. I always pray for them. But most of the time, I'll admit, it's pretty superficial: "Dear Lord, thank you so much for my children. Please keep them healthy and safe and help Olivia sleep all night". :) But I feel led to pray very boldly and specifically for them, their health, their safety, but most importantly, their futures. I feel like I don't want to leave their lives up to chance. And although I know God already sees their futures, I want to feel like my prayers over them will help shape their lives. I know my parents and grandparents prayed over me, both as a child and as an adult. And I'm so thankful for that.

I'm also focusing on having a better prayer life with Theo. We both pray regularly as individuals, but don't often pray together. We are changing that. I know it's cliche but I do believe the "couple that prays together, stays together". And as with our children's lives, I don't want to leave my marriage up to chance either. I want to protect my marriage from anything the enemy might try to throw at it.  I believe we have a strong marriage but there is always room for improvement!

I pray that all of you have a very blessed 2011 and that God will do miraculous things in your lives!

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