Saturday, January 8, 2011

Way to Geaux!

Don't be fooled by my serious face....

I am sooooo excited the LSU Tigers beat the Aggies in the Cotton Bowl!

We had a wonderful time watching to game with some friends of ours who are Aggie fans! I hardly cheered at all but was gloating on the inside. I know my dad was super thrilled with the outcome.   I made chili and baked potatoes. Theo bought some delicious chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods. I'm already planning on making an LSU colored dress for Olivia for next season :) Maybe if I start working on it now, it might be finished by the start of the LSU season!

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Susan Maki said...

I'll just send her an Aggie outfit :-) I figure since the Saints lost my Louisiana friends needed the Tigers to win. Take care and Gig'em!