Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 months old!

Isaiah turned 3 months old yesterday! When I nurse him at night and look down at his sweet little head, I ask myself every single night "When did my baby boy get so big?" He is such a little guy now and is such a happy and social baby most of the time!

At three months old Isaiah, you:

-weigh between 11.5 and 12 pounds
-still nurse every 2-3 hours literally around the clock and are wearing your momma out!
-are not too fond of taking a bottle but we think we may have found one that will work once we find the opportune time to give it to you
-are not needing your reflux medicine much anymore but are still such a gassy baby!
-are such a smiler and cooer and love to look at people's faces

-have made your debut in the church nursery twice in the past month and are now an active member at VillaKids (our new gym) and do quite well there
-go down for naps and nighttime sleep quite well
-take one or two semi-short naps usually and one long nap everday
-finally have a crib on order but are sleeping regularly in the pack-n-play
-love to sleep with your white blanket that Aunt Vickie knitted for you (seen in these pictures)
-are more happy during the witching hours most nights
-love to be in your carseat but also love the bouncy chair and swing still
-almost look like you can roll over from side to tummy but not officially yet :)
-love to wave your arms and kick your legs when you are in the boucy seat. It almost looks like you are riding a bicycle!
-are the apple of momma, daddy, Carter and Olivia's eyes

We love you so much big man! Happy 3 month birthday!!!


The Shoemakers said...

Man how they grow so fast! I guess God knew what he was doing when he gave us our sweet 3rd child. Lord help me if I had two Leslie's...lol

Carol said...

He is getting big too quickly! He is adorable!!!!!!!!