Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Run

A couple of weeks ago, Carter's school did a "fund" run. But since I didn't collect or donate any money, I am calling it a fun run...although it would prove to be very NOT fun for Carter. I think the school did this in lieu of field day this year. So the purpose of this run was to collect money for all laps ran. Good thing we didn't solicit any donations because Carter only ran five laps, probably the least amount out of all his classmates but oh well. :) He was all about it at first but then because tired and whiny so we called it quits!




I am blogging about this because honestly, I don't have much to blog about. I don't know where this week went. Carter now I'm pretty sure has pink eye so our plans for the weekend are cancelled. Thankfully we have an amazing pediatrician who I e-mailed this morning. She called me right back and then called in some eye drops so I didn't have to take him in. I guess that's one benefit of me being a pediatric nurse practitioner....our pediatrician trusts my ability to diagnose my kids!

Theo has a big HUGE paper due tomorrow so he's basically locked away in his dungeon *aka* office/guest room and we're trying to be quiet but it's hard with three kids four and under.  We went to Target today but it was the shopping trip from you know where. Fortunately we made it all home in one piece. There were no spankings doled out and I didn't spend a lot of money :)

Speaking of Theo, he go into a car accident on his way to work this week. He was rear-ended by someone who apparently wasn't paying attention. There wasn't much damage to the car but he's in quite a bit of pain. He went to the doctor that afternoon and had an x-ray of his neck. And at some point in his life, he has fractured one of his cervical spine bones! He played rugby in college so I'm guessing it was then but he had no idea. He's one tough guy I tell ya! The doctor said his neck looked like that of an 80-year old. We imagine spinal surgery is in his future but hopefully not for a long time.

We are all exhausted in this house. Olivia is back to her old antics and screaming almost all night long. When she's not screaming, Isaiah is up and a little fussy so I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten more than a two hour solid block of sleep at a time for the past couple of weeks. Carter keeps saying "Momma, I wanna have another baby." I tell him we already have a baby and his name is Isaiah. Momma's DONE having babies but I know better than to say never again :) If it's in God's plan for us, than by all means, I'm sure God will make it happen. But if it's up to me, than I say three is more than enough!!!

Please keep us in your prayers. I know that this is something so minor to ask for but we really are so tired. I'm tired of being tired and would like just one night of good sleep. I know these precious babies are more than worth it but I'm so foggy-headed right now that I can hardly think straight. Please pray that our kids will sleep better that way the momma and daddy can sleep better too. And pray for Theo's healing from the accident and also that he'll finish these last two classes successfully and be done with graduate school! Thanks in advance.


The Shoemakers said...

I wish I could keep them over night for you! When you come down I'm sure you will get plenty of naps. :)hmmm maybe you should move bk to La so you can get more sleep....just a thought. Miss you!

ruslinga said...

I'm praying for your sleep & sanity. I think the only time I really get overwhelmed with motherhood, is when I'm lacking sleep & I only have one kid. I feel for you & wish I could do more.