Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodwill to Men Me

I recently stumbled across this blog and I have been hooked! She has given me inspiration to make the most of what I have, not covet what other's have, spend less and save more.  With that said, I made my first trip to our local Goodwill store on Friday. I will admit, I had never shopped there before mainly because I didn't want to be perceived as someone who couldn't afford to shop elsewhere. Shallow of me, I know. But I am trying to change for the better but that's a whole different post! :)

And while there was a lot of pure junk there, I did score me some new shirts for my boys. The girls selection yielded nothing for Olivia but I got some Tommy Hilfiger shirts for Isaiah (when he's older) and a Ralph Lauren shirt for him also and get this, they were each 99 cents! Can I get a heck yeah?!!
The shirt on the bottom right is a brand new Gap shirt with tags still on for $1.99 for Carter!
I also found a big wicker type basket to put all of Carter's moon dough/crayons, etc on top of the fridge. It was $5. I'm pretty sure something like that at Michaels would be close to $50 so another score for me!

Saturday morning, our neighborhood had a community garage sale. It's been a long time since I've been garage saling (can I make that a verb?) but it was GREAT! I went looking for a couple of specific things which I didn't find. But I did end up with the one thing I most certainly did NOT need.....a bag full of toys! I couldn't help it. I got a tickle me Elmo for Olivia for 50 cents that I know go for quite a bit of money at sores, some other miscellaneous toys, a Dora DVD and an Elmo DVD all for a total of $5!

This might become a problem for me. I love, love, LOVE getting good deals and am to the point in my life finally where I don't care if they are used things are not. When I go back to work eventually, I will feel less guilty about spending full price for things and will probably shop at Pottery Barn a lot more :) but for now, I am scaling back!

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ruslinga said...

Love a good deal, way to go! Aaron says that I use it as a description of my item, new dress for $10 & it was originally $90, LOL!