Sunday, May 29, 2011


I know some of you read my last FB post, but I just really have to give it up to my sweet husband. Friday was basically my day (for almost the ENTIRE day) and I got to spend it doing whatever I wanted. Theo was off from work and even though he has a final essay exam this weekend, he let me go do my thing while he stayed home with all three kids. I know this may not seem like a big deal, but for this tired, worn out momma who rarely gets a break from her kids, this was HUGE for me. I'm so grateful for an amazing husband who recognizes my need for a little time alone. And yes, he gets his fair share of alone time too. Not so much recently as he's trying to finish up grad school but whenever he needs some time away, I almost always oblige. We have a good system going on and now that Isaiah is regularly taking a bottle, you can bet I'll have a little more time to myself!

I hope all of you young mommas out there have a break every now and then. I didn't realize how much I needed some alone time until I had several hours of it. It made me feel refreshed and eager to want to spend time with the little ones again. If I don't take care of myself every now and then, then it's much harder for me to care for everyone else. Olivia's awake...motherhood calls!

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