Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cafe Du Monde

On our day trip to New Orleans, our first stop was at the river walk. I needed a crawfish fix so I had a delicious poboy. This is only half of it. What can I say...I was starvin' and pictures were an after thought :) It was so good. Too bad I can't find any crawfish up here. Apparently, "there's not a regional taste for it here". That story is for another time. Anyway.....
Dad and Isaiah hangin out 
 The other daddy with his favorite girl (besides me!)
I've been dying to go here: 
to finally have some of these beignets. They did not disappoint. I was trying to describe them beforehand to Theo. They are most like a funnel cake in a bisquit shape. They were so good. When I looked up a recipe for how to make them, I saw they were over 500 calories a piece! Yikes! But totally worth it. I can scratch one more thing off my bucket list 40 before 40 list.


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