Friday, July 22, 2011

Rice Rice Baby

We started Isaiah on some rice cereal right after we got back from Louisiana. He wasn't sure what to make of it. But he did a lot better than Olivia did at this age. I think the first batch was mostly breastmilk so I think he liked it!
But in this picture, I'm not so sure!

And this one, I'm pretty sure he's thinking he's had enough of this mess :)
To date, he's had some avocado, mashed banana, and a little bit of plum. His little system didn't digest the banana too much and he was quite cranky the night after he had it so I'm going to slow down a bit and stick to cereal for a while longer. I did go to Whole Foods this week and bought organic plums, peaches, bananas, and sweet potatoes. I made a big batch of the plums and sweet potatoes and froze them in cubes. I'm really excited about making baby food this time. I was too lazy tired to do it with Olivia and the thought never even crossed my mind with Carter so I'm excited about doing it now. Now that I've finally figured out how to do it, it's really easy to do. It's time consuming but I think it's worth it.


Carol said...

He is so cute! He'll get the hang of it cause nobody has lived their whole life on breast milk! HA!

Laney said...

What a cutie! What happened to his hair!!! Looks like even his mohawk is almost gone!!