Sunday, July 3, 2011

Five months old!

Our not so little man turned five months old yesterday! It feels just like yesterday I was giving birth to a baby Theo and I thought for sure would be a daughter and then feeling such pure joy that we had another son to pass on the family name! We were more thankful that he was healthy after such an emotional roller coaster of a ride. I'm feeling so sentimental these days. I don't know if it's being back in Louisiana or realizing that Isaiah will most likely be the last member of our family, but I am finding myself just staring into his big eyes, relishing every huge grin, snuggling in the crook of his chubby little neck.

At five months old, Isaiah, you:

-weigh about 14.5 pounds according to Omaw's home scale (we're not sure though because he was such a wiggle worm on the scale!

-still eat all of the time. I started supplementing some formula around 3.5 months and he takes about 2-4 ounces most days. Sometimes, it's more, depending on his needs. He hasn't had any formula in the past few days and I attribute it to all of the dense caloric foods I've eaten and my breastmilk must be really rich right now!!! :)

-will start some baby food when we get back to Colorado. Can't believe you're old enough for that already!

-are still quite a spitter and I'm contemplating putting you back on your reflux medicine again

-still wake up mulitple times at night and although I'm so sleep deprived, I'm loving snuggling with you close to me in the wee hours of the night. You had a rough several nights since we've been here but the past four nights have been much better. You are still waking up every two to three hours but it's been then every 45 minutes to an hour!

-nap really well most days. Depending on what time you wake up, you usually take one decent nap in the morning and then a long nap after lunch. You love sleeping with your white blanket Aunt Vickie knitted for you and I'm convinced it's got some kind of magical power because if you are fussy at all when I lay you down, you instantly calm down when I lay the blanket over you!

-have two teeth coming in already! I can't believe it. They look like they are the canine teeth which normally don't come in until after a year old so I'm not really sure about that. My friend Brandi said they could be the lateral incisors and maybe his front teeth might just be really spaced apart. But they are already poking through on both sides. Who knows?

-are losing your hair! Daddy won't even recognize you when he gets here because most of the top of your hair has fallen out. You have pretty bad cradle cap (just like your brother did, Olivia's wasn't quite so bad) and I'm trying to get it under control. But you are still so stinkin' cute :)

-can roll over from tummy to back and almost have back to tummy down but get stuck on your arm!

-sit up well in the Bumbo chair Aunt Kayla gave us

-are putting everything in your mouth. I really have to watch your big sister because she tried to give you a piece of food the other day. I'm pretty sure you ate it and loved it!

-are such a happy baby except when you're hungry or tired. You love just rolling around on the floor and love Carter talking to you and making you laugh like no one else can

-did AMAZING on your two day car trip to Louisiana! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect traveling baby. You even went right to sleep in the hotel with no trouble.

-light up the room and your smile can melt anyone's heart

-have been swimming for the first time already and seem to enjoy floating around in the water

-are heading to South Louisiana to visit grandpa later this week!

Isaiah, you are such a wonderful baby. I know you are not sleeping at night because if you were, you would truly be perfect!! You bring such joy to our lives and we absolutely love having you around.
Daddy and I can not wait to see the boy you will grow to be and I know daddy will teach you everything you need to know! We are so blessed to be your parents. God is so good and you are evidence of that. We love you little man!

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The Shoemakers said...

He is a sweetie pie! I love his new hair do! It almost looks like hes rocking a mowhawk! I am sad because I know once you leave the next time I see him he will be a big boy. :(