Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July

This year, we spent Fourth of July at my Aunt Vickie and Uncle John's house. I was wishing Theo were here instead of at work but we had a good time nonetheless. We had quite a spread of food and everything was so delicious. My mom held Isaiah while I ate one entire meal without having to get up for something/someone! It was fantastic and my Aunt Vickie helped with Carter and Olivia. I've forgotten what it's like to eat a meal while sitting the entire time :)

My cousin and his wife Sally came in from Texas. I hadn't met Sally before since they just got married in December (and are such cute newlyweds!). Some of their friends came with them also. I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone.

The original plan was to play games outside but it was just too hot. There were burn bans here because of the drought so fireworks were out. That probably worked out best for my kids because I think all of the noise would have frightened them. Our hometown usually puts on this huge fireworks show at the riverfront but just before the show was scheduled to start, it started storming like a son of a gun so we couldn't even watch it on tv! But I'm sure we needed the rain much more than the fireworks.

And here are some family photos:

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