Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Ok, I know two posts in one day! What can I say, I have a lot to say :). Another round of therapy coming up! Thanks MckMama for the inspiration as always. Click on over to for more Not Me Mondays! MckMama's is quite hilarious this week.

This past week, I definitely did not let Carter watch cartoons almost all day so I could read a James Patterson book cover to cover...315 pages in three hours! You guys know how I'm a stickler for my two hour tv rule.....

I did not think that I couldn't wait to get pregnant again so that I could wear loose fitting maternity clothes because my regular clothes are getting a little too tight.

I did not break into a sweat last Sunday as I was trying to put on control-top pantyhose to wear to church! I hate control-top pantyhose.

I did not almost tear up when Theo brought be flowers, cheesecake, and godiva chocolates this week. No we didn't have a fight...he was just being sweet! *tear* *sniff*

I did not make another double decker chocolate cake yesterday only to realize Theo doesn't really like chocolate cake so I'll be forced to eat the whole thing myself....well, ok, I guess I can share with our neighbor....if he's lucky!

I certainly did not throw away an old tennis shoe because I swore to Theo I hadn't been able to find the match to the shoe in a couple of years.....only an hour later to discover the missing shoe in the bottom of my closet buried under a pile of clothes. Oops, they were old shoes anyway.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Not Me Monday. Life is always interesting at our place!


Templin Family said...

You are hilarious girl... you should get a "Not Me" award or something.

kay said...

These were great! Which James Patterson book did you read cover to cover?

Jaime said...

Don't laugh, but the book was "The Quickie". I felt a little embarrassed checking it out at the library but it was a good read.