Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I rang in the new year in my usual fashion.....asleep on the couch. However the fireworks our neighborhood folks were popping rivaled a combat zone and woke me up around 12:15. I was waiting to hear Carter's cries but he managed to sleep right though it all. He did wake up at 6:30 though yesterday morning. We spent most of the day hanging out at home. Theo started cleaning out/reorganizing our "office" *aka* junk room. I played with Carter. For an hour, I tried to lay down with him so he would take a nap but to no avail. Around 4:30, we decided to go to Wal-Mart. We'd been there for a few minutes when I noticed Carter about to fall asleep in the buggy. So I stole a trick I saw a Target mom use recently and grabbed a throw pillow and laid him down in the big part of the buggy. To my surprise, it worked! He probably slept for close to an hour. Even through the obnoxious Wal-Mart employee's screams over the intercom. I haven't had that much noninterrupted shopping time with Carter in tow in forever. It was nice.

Today, Carter slept in a little and I got a yoga workout in (only 20 minutes....don't be too impressed. Namaste yoga on the fit tv channel rocks!!) We got ready and then went to Sci-port. One of my friends and her two boys were able to meet us there for a little while. It was fun. Carter loves Sci-port. We stayed for two hours and it was a blast. Now we're home and I'm on-line enjoying a little quiet time while Carter plays. We don't have any big plans for this weekend. We are finally taking down our Christmas tree and that will probably be the high-light of our weekend. This year, I am making a vow to spend more time with my family and to be attentive and present, not just in the same room. With that said, I better go play with Carter! Happy New Year!

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