Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

This weeks edition of Not Me! Monday.....

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I did not put a block of cheese in the pantry (and I'm not talking Velveta, I'm talking real cheese...the kind that goes in the refrigerator and not the pantry) and did not realize I'd even done it until Theo came home and opened the pantry.

I definitely would not get a clean pair of socks out of my drawer, use them to dust off my piano and then still put them on my feet. Who would do that? That is disgusting!

I did not have to put Carter in time out three times yesterday and then I most certainly did not laugh at him when he said that I needed to go to time out too!

I would never let Carter eat a pop-tart and breadstick for dinner last night because I was so tired of the whining, I just gave in to his demands.

I would not waste two hours each day over the weekend taking a nap because I am that exhausted!


Templin Family said...

Pop tarts and breadsticks.. yummy!!!!

carol said...

Now you know why people say "Never say never" Love you sweet daughter