Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Big 3-0

Today, I turned 30 years old. It's my golden birthday. I'm 30 on the 30th. I was really dreading it. Not because I'm 30 now, but because I thought I would be spending the day basically alone (except for Carter and Olivia). And after my birthday plans got cancelled yesterday on account of Carter's illness, I was in a pretty foul mood and threw quite the pity party for myself. Theo and I did manage to play monopoly for the first time ever for an hour yesterday while both kids slept. That was the highlight of my day yesterday and cheered me up. There is nothing I would rather do than spend some quality time with my husband. Well, except maybe hanging out with my kids.

I had a conversation with God yesterday about how I just wanted ONE day to feel special, to feel like people cared about me, for someone to do for me instead of me always doing for everyone else. I was upset being away from LA because I knew my family would make this day special for me if I had been there.

This morning, when I finally woke up, it was to Carter complaining of not feeling well again. His fever was back and he was miserable. Theo had already left for work. I couldn't go to church since Carter was sick. I did go to Target to kill sometime (yes, I know, I shouldn't have taken my contagious child to Target but he didn't touch anyone!).

So to cheer myself up, I finally opened the beautifully wrapped present I recieved over two weeks ago from my dad! Good job dad not waiting till the last minute like most men I know! Ahem. It was a Lee Michael's box and inside was a beautiful fleur di lis necklace! How perfect for this Southern gal :) Thanks dad!!

Right before we left for Target, Meredith called and said her and the boys were coming to see me. My first thought was that all of them would get sick if they were around Carter. My second thought was that I really didn't want to spend my 30th birthday by myself. So I was thrilled they were coming. Meredith brought me the neatest gift. It is the makings of a terraium. I have never seen this before and thought it was such a thoughtful and unique gift. I think even I can keep these flowers alive. She also brought a ton of Reeses' candy (my favorite, what can I say? When you are best friends with someone for 20 ahem years give or take a couple, they know what you like!) She also brought these delicious cookies from a bakery near her house. Carter was thrilled to have someone to play with. You are the best Aunt Meredith!!!

Then, my friend Lisa called and told me she was coming over to cook me lunch! What? Someone (other than mom) to come cook for me? That sounded like the best birthday present ever. So she came over, got to meet Meredith, and made a delicious vegetarian lunch for me. She also brought me the most gorgeous sunflowers. I have never had sunflowers before. They instantly brightened up my kitchen and my day. She even washed the dishes afterwards! Talk about heaven sent. This was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has done for me. I have the BEST friends!!

All afternoon, I kept thinking of the verse about how the Lord knows what we have need of even before we ask. And He sent Meredith and Lisa to me today to make me feel special. I felt like a queen! Theo and I were going to go out to dinner tonight but Carter's fever is back up and I am so full from the great lunch Lisa made for me. We might postpone my birthday dinner until tomorrow night. God has been so good to me. What I thought was going to be a terrible birthday turned out to be one of the best birthday's ever! God answers even our smallest (and whiniest!) prayers!

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