Thursday, May 20, 2010


These are probably some of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken! And that's saying a lot because since I've had my camer (2 1/2 years now), I have taken over 10,000 pictures! I like them because they are the epitome of childhood and fun.

These are our neighbors girls. We recently found out they will be moving this summer and we will really miss them. Especially Carter. He is always saying "Hey guz (girls)" and talking to them through window screens. If he sees any of them outside, he immediately makes a beeline for the door, and out he goes!

I took these pictures a couple of days ago. The weather was finally nice and the girls wanted to push Carter in his "beep beep". They had a blast as you can see :)


Carol said...

Looks like fun!

The Shoemakers said...

I'm glad he gets along with the girls..looks like theres going to be a lot of girls in his life :)