Thursday, May 13, 2010

Capitol Hill

For the next several days, I will be sharing photos and our experiences of our trip to our nations capitol. As I have blogged about before, we were able to take a trip there because of a meeting I had to attend. I am on the national PNP exam writing committee. I met several ladies, also PNPs, at this meeting. We had a good time trying to edit test questions and I learned some things too. The meeting was Thursday and Friday. And I must say, my husband was a real trooper. I'm sure it's not easy taking care of a exclusively breastfed baby for 10 hours one day and 8 hours the next! A million thanks to Theo...I couldn't have done this without you!

Once the meeting was over, we had three days to explore the area. Theo's parents came down and spent a few days with us.

It was nice having them there to help entertain Carter. Unfortunately, Olivia and her separation anxiety, prevented her from wanting to have anything to do with anyone other than me, but that's okay. It's just a stage....right? Please tell me it's only a stage!

Saturday, Theo and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. We spent the day sightseeing. D.C. was so cool! I didn't expect it to be that pretty. Everything was so green and the flowers were beautiful.

And the weather was perfect! It seemed like we walked for miles, but when Theo mapquested it out, we only walked about 4 miles. Ughhh! My feet, legs, hips and back were telling me otherwise!!

Our first stop was to see the Captiol Building. It was so neat to see something in person that I have only seen on tv and movies! The only problem was that it was Saturday, no one was there and we couldn't go inside. I didn't mind this too much. But Carter on the otherhand, had a total breakdown because he wanted to go inside! He even tried to make a break for it, ran inside this little tunnel area and was trying to go in. The police outside guarding the building were blowing their whistle at him! I was embarrassed but what can I do? He's 3! So when he started having his meltdown, one of the officers came over and gave him a deputy badge sticker. That made him a little happier!

Next stop, the Washington Monument and suurounding area! Stay tuned for more pictures from our incredible vacation!

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