Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms I know. You are all fabulous and I pray each of you has an amazing day. I am missing my mom especially today because this is the first year we haven't celebrated Mother's Day together. But on the flip side, this is the first year Theo has gotten to spend Mother's Day with his mom since the weekened we got married.

The past few days have been pretty crazy and I will blog about them later. I had a professional meeting to go to which went well but really made me miss working. And combined with dealing with cranky children the past few days, I have seriously entertained the idea of going back to work. You all know me! I go back and forth with this constantly. I guess it makes me feel better to at least think about going back to work-even if I am not really going to do it right now. When the days are good, I can't even imagine going back. But when the days are bad, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways I can make it work. Obviously Theo's career is the ultimate deciding factor and right now, things are kind of up in the air so I am learning to just be in the moment. I spend so much time planning for a future that I am not even guarenteed instead of just living with what I have today.

But today, I am so thankful I am a mother. I always knew I would be. I always knew I would have a daughter and am equally grateful for the son I have as well. I would not be the same person today if I didn't have children. They are blessings to my life. I definitely have a new appreciation for my own mom after having become a mom myself. Thanks mom for dealing with all of my colic and temper tantrums and everything else!

Moms are spectacular. Whether they work outside the home or stay at home, they are amazing and probably don't get the credit that is due. Motherhood is the most incredible and most challenging thing a person can experience. I have never laughed so much....

or cried so much as I have since becoming a mother. I am proud of (and utterly exhausted from) being a mom! I wouldn't have it any other way.