Friday, October 1, 2010

Cute Carterisms and story time

These are just some of the things my sweet, and often hillarious son has been saying lately:

Olivia had a shirt with a strawberry on it the other day and he said "Mom, she looks like Strawberry shortcut!"

We were just looking at pictures from Olivia's baptism and he said "How did Olivia get bath ties?" and it took me a minute to realize he was trying to say baptized!

He used to get a small treat for staying in his bed all night (like two skittles) and a couple of weeks ago, he ended up in our bed several nights. In the mornings, he would say "Mom, I wasn't coming in your bed. I was just coming to check on you!"

I have been going to Bible Study Thursdays at church. Carter gets to go in a different room than he does on Sundays and he calls it the "wood chip center" aka, the worship center! Hahahaha!!!

He's also been saying he wants to get big and strong like daddy. When I ask him why he wants to grow up, he says "So I can go to work!" If only he knew what he was in for.....

On a different note, my kids love books. There are very few days we go without reading a book or two or thirty! Now Olivia has also gotten into books and loves to pull out the big kids books and pretend to read them. She even flips through the pages and sometimes shakes her head no as if to say that is not how the story goes. It's so precious.

But what is most precious is seeing them sit together on the floor and Carter reads to her.

I'm so thankful my kids have a love for reading just as I do!

Sorry, no fabulous recipes this week. I didn't make anything out of the ordinary. But next week's menu is sheperd's pie, chicken noodle soup, and steaks with twice baked potatoes (not all in the same meal of course!). If any of those turn out better than ordinary, I'll share the recipes :)


Laney said...

I can't stop laughing! I love Carterisms. I think my favorite in this post is the "wood chip center." He is just to cute and clever. I love the picture of the two of them reading together. You are blessed to have such sweet children.

Brandi and Adam Hart said...

I love that kid! He is hilarious!