Friday, October 22, 2010

Fox Run Park

Wednesday evening, Amy and I took the kids to a new park north of us. I had heard from another friend that this park was really good. Our neighborhood park is good too but there is no shade and it can get hot or cold for that matter in an instant. So we ventured out of our hood and found Fox Run park. I'm so glad we did. I think this will be our new favorite park. We stayed for almost two hours and Carter slept so good that night! It was nice to have Amy and the boys there too.

The tire swing was all fun and games until Caden turned a few shades of green! Note to self for next time :)

Burn off some of that energy boys!

Carter pretending to get maple syrup out of the tree...he got that from a Little Einsteins book

Olivia just hanging out in the swing

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