Monday, December 21, 2009

Cardboard Christmas

As you all know, this is my first Christmas away from "home". I use that term loosely because although Louisiana will always be my home state, I have a new home now with my husband and children in the beautiful state of Colorado. Because we aren't in the south anymore, most of our family has been shipping Christmas presents to us (and we did the same thing). I have to laugh because I have never had as many carboard boxes under our Christmas tree (or anywhere else for that matter) ever! I know the postman is probably saying "Who is this P family? Why do they get so many packages?? Literally, almost every day a package comes. Some I have ordered but most I have not. We have gotten packages from Omaw and Papaw, Nana, Carter's godparents, grandmother, some other friends, some of Theo's friends I have never even met PLUS all the amazon packages I ordered! Today alone, I think we got six boxes outside. Right after I took these pictures, more boxes came! It makes Carter (and me!) so excited to see boxes on our doorstep or in our mailbox. I am grateful to all of our family and friends who have sent us things to make this first Christmas away from "home" more memorable.

This will be the first Christmas I have spent without my mom, step-dad, and all my extended family. Last year, I got to see my dad right before Christmas too which was a nice treat. Truthfully, I haven't been as sad about it as I thought I would have been. Knowing we are celebrating Olivia's first Christmas makes the sadness less and the joy much more. Plus, my dad is coming in a couple of days and then my mom will be here soon after that. But I will definitely miss seeing all of my extended family though on Christmas morning. I'll miss the elaborate breakfast we always have. I'll miss seeing all the cousins playing together with their new toys. I'll be sad that most of my family will still not have gotten the chance to meet Olivia. I'll be sad that they won't be passing her around on Christmas morning. I'll be sad that Carter won't get a chance to see his cousins too. I will miss the family photo oportunity that we had last year. But I am happy to be spending Christmas as a family of four. It will be my first white Christmas ever! Theo and I decided that no matter where we live, we will most likely always spend Christmas day at home and celebrate it with our children. I'm not saying I won't travel near Christmas or right afterwards, but we feel it is important to start our own family traditions in our own home no matter where that may be. This year, we may also have my friend Lisa (who is also the kids pediatrician and ironically will be spending her first Christmas away from Louisiana as well) join us on Christmas. I hope wherever you all are spending your Christmas, you will have a blessed one and remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

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