Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas preview

We ventured out in the 20 degree weather this morning to go to MOPS. As always, it was a blast and I was blessed by being around my new Christian friends. Since it's December, I figured I could dress the kids in Christmas outfits. I haven't been out to get Olivia a Christmas dress so she is wearing a hand-me-down outfit from Carter's first Christmas. When we got back home, I wanted to take pictures of my adorable kids in their outfits. Carter loves when I take pictures of him and Olivia. He was quite the good sport!

We haven't put up our Christmas tree yet. I prefer to wait until we have some family alone time so maybe Saturday night. It seems everyone in Colorado puts all their Christmas stuff up the day after Thanksgiving. We are not quite the go-getters like everyone else is :) Oh well. Theo's work Christmas party in the 18th. I am trading some babysitting with my friend Christine so we can go. I will have to take Olivia because I don't think she will be quite ready for a bottle by then. So Christine will babysit Carter and I will "wear" Olivia to the party. It's at someone's house and I don't think it's anything too fancy so it should be fine. What are your holiday plans?

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williams said...

I love the pictures but I love the children even more! I love the one where Carter is kissing Olivia! That is so precious!